BE 5.0 4500 Manifold to suit Edelbrock LSR Cylinder Heads

BE 5.0 LSR 4500 Carburetor & EFI Manifolds to suit Edelbrock LSR Cylinder Heads.


The most powerful cast single 4 intake design is now available for Edelbrock LSR cylinder heads. We machine a BE 5.0 casting to fit Edelbrock LSR heads. The casting retains its LS7 port
configuration and will need grinding to suit LSR port openings. Manifold has slotted LSR bolt placements for ease of fitment. 



Available to suit 9.24", 9.45" and 9.75" decks in both Carb and EFI. EFI version will have injectors in the upper bung locations.

9.45" and 9.75" versions come with spacers that are dowelled and bolted to the intake flange making them one with the casting.



Deck Height > 9.75"

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CID LSR 4500 Carb BA Intake Manifold Suit Edelbrock LSR Cylinder Heads 9.75" Deck

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