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LS7 & LS3 Intake Manifolds


Made in Ohio USA and CAD modelled with extensive use of Computational Fluid Dynamics, the BE-LS7 & LS3 intake is the ultimate LS manifold for those who want the most HP from a single plane intake equipped LS7 - LS3 headed combination.

That's not a boast, but a dyno proven reality. See the dyno graph below. During testing for the 2016 Engine Masters Competition, the School Of Automotive Machinists & Technology ran a test on their 367CI LS engine of our as cast BE LS7 intake against a CNC ported and hand finished Mast Motorsports LS7 intake from their 2014 Engine Master's engine.

The BE 4.0 LS as cast, made 50HP more on the peak numbers and 60HP more at Peak RPM using the Same Cam and Carburetor. Most importantly though, for those who might think this is a race only large plenum intake, the BE LS 4.0 outscored the MAST intake on the averages between 4500RPM and 7200RPM by a significant amount on a 6 liter engine !!!

The engine not only won the Nitrous class, but also took home Horsepower King and Torque Monster at the competition.



But if that isn't impressive enough, (see dyno graph below) how does 1100+HP and 740 FT/LB of torque from a cast single four manifold! That's the dyno proven potential available in this unique design, as tested by BES Racing on a 457 CI, 16-1 combination. Off course that intake was a hand ported by BES racing, but no welding was required to achieve these numbers.



The manifold features near equal length runners that are shorter than existing single plane manifolds, allowing the potential for greater RPM and HP levels. Whilst the runners are shorter to begin with, we didn't want to make this a high HP only intake, so the cross section of the runners in its as cast form were kept to 4" in area at the plenum, so as to be useable in combinations around the 650HP mark, as witnessed by the School of Automotive Machinists testing. 

The manifolds are available for STD (9.240"), mid height (9.45"), and tall deck (9.750") blocks. The carb flange is designed for a 4500 carburetor, and the intake is available as a carbureted intake without fuel injection bosses machined, or a fuel injected intake with either 8 or 16 injectors.

The carb flange has enough material to run a Braswell 7395 Carburetor with 2.4" throttle bores or an Accufab 8500 throttle body without any welding.



The LS7 manifolds are available as a single piece or 2 piece casting. LS3 intakes are only available as a 2 piece. The casting has an integral 2 piece flange cast into the center of the manifold, and all the bolt holes that hold the 2 piece version together are pre machined into every single piece casting. This allows us to cut any one piece LS7 intake in 2 at any point in time.



So you can order your BE-LS7 as a one piece to save money in the beginning, and then down the road if you need a two piece for access to make porting easier, you can send it back and have it cut in two.

Manifold flange port opening dimensions are designed to work with ported factory LS heads and actual dimensions are pictured below.


Cross section of the runner opening in the plenum on the 4.0 as cast version is 4". For those wishing to make 850+HP ee have a 5.0" version in the works. There is enough material in the runners to increase the cross section of the manifold to well above 5.5" in area at the plenum. There is also enough material between the runners in the plenum to shorten them up a full inch, for those wanting to make serious HP at elevated RPM levels.

 Below is a back to back test against a heavily ported Super Victor.
So far the car has since run faster and quicker at 3000FT higher DA than the Super Victor



Below is some track performance gains between a Mast LS3 and a BE 4.0 LS3 from customer Don Miller.



Another text with an accompanying picture from customer Neil Owens after winning True Street at the Import vs Domestic Race late 2016.




 Finally the thing that matters most to us is customer satisfaction.