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Small Block Ford SC1, GV2, D3 Race Intake Manifold

CID"s unique BE Small Block Ford intake manifold, is the Premier Cast Racing Small Block Ford intake manifold. Dyno proven at BES Racing Engines to make over 1000HP with just port matching, the BE Ford intake is designed to fit the air demand of engines making 850+HP and to keep up with the ever increasing demand for air flow, arising from larger inch engines with raised runner cylinder head designs like the SC1, GV2, D3 and some raised runner Cleveland style cylinder heads.
Over the years the quest for HP has continued to grow, and with it has the RPM requirement of higher HP engines. Every aspect of engine design has kept up with the increase in RPM potential, but intake manifold manufacturers have neglected the need for cast, shorter near equal length runner manifolds, to allow engines to operate at higher RPM levels.
Shorter runners are just one part of the equation though, and having enough area to allow elevated RPM and HP levels hasn't been addressed either. The unique design of the BE SB Ford intake takes care of both these essential requirements whilst retaining the torque characteristics at higher RPM of longer runner intakes. Runners on a 9.5" deck average just over 5" in length and have 5" of Cross Sectional Area at the plenum end of the runner with enough material between - behind the runner dividers to shorten them up a further 1", should you require even higher RPM potential.
Initial testing has shown great results on both a GV2 and SC1 headed engines, with better fuel distribution coming with the increased gains. This will be a big help on boosted and nitrous combinations
Below is a back to back test VS a 2868 on a SC1 headed large inch nitrous engine.
Dyno back to back test VS a 2868 intake on a 460" GV2 headed bracket motor.
Primarily the BE Ford manifold is designed to fit SC1, GV2 and D3 heads on 9.5" and 9.2" deck heights.
The lowest roof height from the deck of these heads is the D3 at approximately 4.1". If you are wondering if the intake will fit Blue Thunder 4.3 - 3.6 heads, Brodix Neil or CHI Pro Series Heads, the 9.5" deck D3 version of the intake has a 1.050" thick flange. Heads with a lower intake port roof height than 4.1" will likely be able to use the intake on a 9.5" deck block. Roof heights near 4.1" might fit on a 9.2" block as well. Another option for lower roof heights is, we can supply the intake as a 2 piece and take some material out of the central 2 piece flange, to drop it down further if need be. We can also supply the intake without intake flange bolt holes so you can machine your own.
 Keep in mind the flange is designed to take bolt holes that are square to the flange. Angled intake bolt holes like a Cleveland, may work depending on how much you need to machine of the flange, or you can weld bosses to the flange if need be. 
The carb pad has .600" thick flanges, allowing up to 2.500" butterflies on a Braswell 7395 carburetor.
Above is an illustration of the port opening at the flange with its dimensions, in relation to a SC1, D3 and a 3.9" roof height Cleveland style port.