BE 5.0 LS7 Semi Finished Flange Intake Manifold. 9.75" deck

BE 5.0 LS7 Semi Finished Flange Intake Manifold. 9.75" deck


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CID Heads BE 5.0 Semi Finished LS Intake Manifold.

The CID Heads BE 5.0 LS7 intake manifold is designed for engine applications aiming to make 850+HP using LS7 cylinder heads with a single plane intake. The BE LS7 intake manifold has an overall height of 9.5" and unmatched HP producing characteristics amongst all cast single plane manifolds. It features a square carb pad designed to suit a 4500 Dominator carburetor or throttle body.

This version comes with semi finished flanges so it can be adapted to LS heads that don't have factory intake flange bolt hole locations.

  • Semi finished without intake flange bolt holes
  • The 5.0 BE LS7 intake manifold is designed for 850+HP street, race and marine applications.
  • Near equal length runners that are 5" in area at the plenum opening with enough material to increase area to 5.5" at plenum
  • Designed to fit GM LS7 port openings 
  • Intake Manifold flange at full thickness to suit a 9.75" deck block
  • Designed and manufactured in the USA
  • Made to order and a "Final Sale"
  • One piece
  • Semi Finished Flange
  • 9.75" deck height
  • 5.0" MCSA at plenum end of runner
  • 4500 Carburetor pad
  • 9 1/2" tall. Can be milled down to 9"


One CID Heads one piece Semi Finished Flange Intake 4500 BE 5.0 LS7 Intake Manifold.