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CID Symmetrical Port Big Block Chevy Intake Manifolds.



Our CID Symmetrical Port Big Block Chevy cylinder heads come with 2 matching CID 4500 Intake Manifold options, one for the JK 390 heads and one for the DM 500 heads. These intakes are designed to fit our own cylinder heads and not other available heads.

Both intakes utilize the same exterior casting, with one having larger internal runners passages than the other to suit the individual cylinder heads and their matching HP potential. A primary consideration when designing the manifold, was that it fit under the hood of most cars. To facilitate this the intake measures just 6 3/4" from the bottom of the valley pan to the top of the carb pad, whilst still retaining excellent Horse Power and Torque producing characteristics.

The small runner system 4500 single plane intake has a clover leaf pattern carb pad for the Jon Kaase - JK 390 designed standard bore cylinder heads. This intake is designed for engines looking to make somewhere in the mid 700's, to mid - high 800 HP range. It features the smaller of the 2 runner systems and wont match up to the DM 500 heads.

The larger runner 4500 manifold features a square carb pad and was designed by Darin Morgan to match his DM500 cylinder heads. This intake is suited to engines aiming to make 900+ HP. This intake features the larger of the two runner systems and will not match up to the smaller JK 390 cylinder heads.

Both intake designs are available to suit 9.8" deck as well as 10.2" deck blocks.