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It's difficult to sort through the maze of LS cylinder head offerings when the market is flush with so many choices. With this in mind, when setting out to make the most powerful Inline LS head on the market, we took an unconventional approach.
These heads are not for those who want a straight bolt-on replacement casting. There are many choices to be had there, and when the valve-port placement remains the same as others to bolt on to existing pistons, utilize existing rockers, valves, manifolds, etc, they are pretty much all going to have similar results.
This 12 Degree LS Inline platform was developed with BES Racing, and the ONLY consideration given when laying out the valve and port placement was to end up with a cylinder head that was the most conducive to making as much power as possible, PERIOD. These heads require either custom pistons or valve notches in existing pistons where possible, take custom shaft mount rockers with the longest fulcrum length possible on a LS and custom valve lengths compared to other castings.

Flow chart courtesy of BES Racing Engines
The below flow chart is for the 4.125" valve placement version of the BE LS Oval Port cylinder head with a 3.6 MCSA. It is also available with a 4.200 Max NA valve layout and port. 
The exhaust port in this chart is a raised version that requires a 2" header. A standard height exhaust port is also available. Flow numbers for that are roughly 20CFM down at peak flow.

This approach netted over 1100 HP and 740 FT/LB NA from 457" utilizing the BE LS Oval Port Heads and matching Oval Port intake. The most powerful cast single four (no welding) Inline NA LS combination on the planet. And it was no dyno queen either. On its first complete pass the car broke the Australian True street record (see video below) and the engine has since run 8.40 - 161+ MPH @ 3260 LBS on radials in a standard suspension Australian GM Commodore.

We know you cant all run our Oval Port heads, and to cover those that need to run rectangle LS7 port location heads, Greg Good has developed 2 rectangle port versions utilizing the same valve layout as the BE LS Oval Port Heads.

Performance capabilities aside, we ran stress analysis simulations to create a robust casting capable of enduring the most demanding power adder combinations. Along the lower exhaust side of the cylinder head we added more mass than any other aftermarket LS casting to aid in keeping head gaskets under check. Ever wondered why all aftermarket performance castings resemble a factory head below the exhaust ports where the head bolts are, yet keep adding deck thickness? Yeah so did we, especially in such a critical area for head gasket sealing. As they say there is no substitute for MASS.

Another area we paid attention to was the spark plug location, especially for the power adder combinations. Again working with BES we moved the spark plug so the nitrous and boosted crowd could actually add some timing over factory location plugs. Nitrous customers have been able to add 5 + degrees over other brands of aftermarket cylinder heads when spraying large amounts of nitrous. Chambers are also available with softening for an extra $300.
So if your starting from scratch, and or are prepared to make some changes to your existing combination, but want the most powerful Inline LS cylinder heads available anywhere with a proven performance record, prices start at $3300 per PAIR bare CNC Ported and valve jobbed.