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CID DM500 Big Block Chev Intake Manifold for 10.2" deck

CID DM500 Big Block Chev Intake Manifold for 10.2" deck

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CID Heads DM500 BB Chev Intake Manifold.

The CID Heads DM500 Big Block Chev intake manifold is designed for engine applications above 850HP using our DM500 as cast or CNC Ported cylinder heads. It is purpose built to fit under the hood of most cars. The CID Heads DM Big Block Chev intake manifold has an overall height of  6 3/4" whilst still retaining excellent HP producing characteristics. It features a square carb pad designed by Darin Morgan to match the DM cylinder heads

Product Features

  • The Big Block Chev intake manifold for high horse power street, race and marine applications
  • Will fit under the hood of most cars
  • Must be used with the DM500 as cast or CNC ported Cylinder Head
  • One of the most affordable near 500CFM Cylinder Head and Intake Manifold combinations.
  • Intake Manifold suits a 10.2" deck block 
  • Made to order and a "Final Sale"


  • 10.2" deck height
  • 4500 Carburetor 
  • 6 3/4" tall carb pad to valley tray. 


One CID Heads DM 500, 4500 Carb Flange, Big Block Chev Intake Manifold

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