2 Piece BE SB Ford & BE LS Manifold Conversion

2 Piece BE SB Ford & BE LS Manifold Conversion


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CID Heads 2 Piece manifold conversion

Choose this option if you would like to have a 2 piece version of the BE LS or BE SB Ford intake manifolds. You will have to place an order for the manifold of your choice, and add the 2 piece conversion to the order separately.

  • 2 piece manifold conversion includes a gasket and hardware to make the manifold a 2 piece assembly.
  • 2-piece design allows easy access for porting.
  • Manufactured in the USA
  • Made to order and a "Final Sale"
  • 2 Piece Manifold Machining


CID 2 piece manifold conversion for BE LS and BE Ford manifolds.