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CID Heads - Competition Induction Designs

CID SC2 SB Ford Cylinder Heads

CID SC2 SB Ford Cylinder Heads

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Our succesful Canted Valve SC2 SB Ford Cylinder Heads developed in conjunction with BES Racing Engines have redefined small block cylinder head performance. 

These castings represent the pinnacle of cast Small Block Cylinder Head Performance. 

The optimized valve train layout will accept up to a 2.300" Intake valve approaching 500 CFM, combined with a 1.65" exhaust exceeding 300 CFM on a 4.185" bore, and will also fit smaller bores down to 4.125 with appropriate valve sizing. 

 With an extremely wide flat rocker bar surface they offer unmatched rigidity for even the most severe valve train environment. Available with multiple choices of rocker arms from Jesel, for the ultimate in valve train reliability. 

Heads come standard with CHE valve guides and Ductile Iron Valve seats whilst also being available in CHE bronze and other high end materials as well with an upgrade on the website. 

NA and Power Adder chambers sre available as are water jacket, dry decked and solid versions. 

60cc Boosted chambers, 80cc Nitrous friendly version as well a NA friendly chamber in the 40cc range. 

SC2 Manifolds are available to suit 9.24 to 10.2" Deck Heights. 

Heads take proprietary valve covers that are not compatible with any other cylinder head and are available through our website. 

Flow sheet represents a 2.250" Intake valve with a 50D valve job. A 55D Valve job will see the intake in the 470CFM range and with a 2.300 Intake valve the intake will approach 500CFM.

Any further questions please feel free to contact us. 

Heads starting out at $5,500 with Ductile Iron Valve Seat material. 

Base price includes one pair bare heads CNC Ported and valve jobbed with bronze guides and CHE Ductile Iron Valve Sheets. 

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