LS7 Cylinder Heads 450CFM - 3.7" CSA - Suit 4.125" + Bore Std Exhaust Height (Per PAIR)

LS7 Cylinder Heads 450CFM - 3.7" CSA - Suit 4.125" + Bore Std Exhaust Height (Per PAIR)


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One pair of Bare 12 Degree Inline GE LS7 3.7" CSA Port cylinder heads CNC ported and valve jobbed with CHE valve guides and CHE Ductile Iron valve seats. Standard height exhaust port fits all existing headers. 

Developed by Greg Good for X275, flows an outstanding 450CFM @ .900" , with 360CFM  @ .500" lift. The heads share the same optimized valve locations as our record setting BE LS Oval Port Cylinder Heads with 2.250" Intake valves and 1.600" Exhaust Valve flowing 315 CFM with a pipe.

Standard valve stem size is 5/16" with valve lengths of 5.8" . A 1.600" diameter valve spring pad can accommodate a 2.1" installed height 

They feature a highly efficient 45cc chamber that can be had with softening if necessary. Available with CHE Ductile Iron Valve Seats or CHE Bronze Valve Seats. 

Heads require aftermarket shaft mount rockers available from either Crower (Cast Stainless P/N 74435F - Billet Steel P/N 74435B) or T&D Machine (Billet Steel P/N 2482) and will likely require aftermarket pistons, or modification to existing pistons. Aftermarket Pistons are available from Diamond, Ross and others.

Luke all of Greg Goods work the GE 3.7" version have the best atomization possible for a port of this size. 

They are a perfect match for our BE 5.0 LS intakes allowing complete customization for your intended HP requirements.