GE 2.5" MCSA 277cc LT1 Chamber CNC Ported Cylinder Heads (Price Per Pair BARE)

GE 2.5" MCSA 277cc LT1 Chamber CNC Ported Cylinder Heads (Price Per Pair BARE)


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One pair of 2.5" MCSA Intake runner GE LT Cylinder Heads CNC Ported, valve jobbed with LT1 Factory Style CNC Chambers.

These are our smallest port offering and are best suited to SBE heads and camshaft builds running the factory GM plastic manifold. 

This version of our casting was used by Gwatney Performance Innovation to propell Brandon T Hill's SBE to 9.34 - 143 MPH @ 3400LBS. The quickest and fastest SBE Heads & Cam street driven car in the country. No other car has come close to these accomplishments at this weight. These heads are so far ahead of all aftermarket offerings, that other manufacturers have resorted to carbon fiber panels and doors in similar builds to chase these times at a significantly reduced weight in order to be competitive, all the while refusing to disclose the weight as its well known that less weight equals improved times and MPH.

 See Brandon's achievements in the links below:

Heads accept factory length and diameter valves with factory rocker gear. 

Head bolt counterbores are smaller than factory offerings to increase strength and require the use of head studs with .875" OD 12 point nuts and washers.